THE BOMBSHELL...are you one???


What can I say…I love The Bombshell.

I grew up admiring them. It’s just my personality. 

What is a 'bombshell' exactly??

Well you might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with how tall you are or the size of your thighs or breasts, etc

Being a bombshell is a state of mind. Its thoroughly enjoying being a female, appreciating what God gave you..and more importantly knowing how to 'use it'.

Now, it might be a little different for everyone. I think there are different degrees of Bombshell and you find your comfort level…and maybe perhaps grow into FULL BLOWN BOMBSHELL.


Just think Marilyn, Jane, Ava, Lana, Rita, Liz, Sophia, Bridgette, or Ann-Margaretto name a few, from Old Hollywood days.

Sadly, names that the younger generation today just doesn't know because class has been replaced with trash.

There are no true bombshells in this day and age other than Pamela and Deeta.

But lets look at what makes up a bombshell.

Think tight sweaters and 4“ stilettos and a gal that is comfortable with a little wiggle and sashay in her step.

A bombshell doesn’t care if a man is going to see the top of her nylons or garter belt....yes, true bombshells know the power of the nylons and garter belts.... and there is a good chance that he will as she is getting in and out of a cab, and she actually knows he is looking and she enjoys it.

A bombshell thoroughly enjoys teasing the boys, lol

Make no mistake bombshells are NOT cheap, trashy or dumb, though at times they might prefer to ‘act’ dumb if it amuses them and is to their advantage.

Bombshells are also NOT ‘golddiggers’ and don’t use people.

If anything, a ‘true’ bombshell is caring, kind and compassionate in nature.

I want to stress and make women understand that you can be a bombshell and still be smart, independent, powerful and totally in control of your life, and am an advocate for all three.

But when a bombshell she enters a room, everyone looks.

A bombshell has excellent posture.

She radiates confidence and behaves as if all life is a movie and she is the star. 

What does a bombshell wear?

Birdcage veils, sequins, rhinestones…you can never have too much ‘bling’!

She knows gloves are elegant and feminine.

She prefers leopard, pink, all black, or black/champagne or black/pink colors combos.

Dangling earrings, charm bracelets, ankle bracelet, toe rings, and cocktail rings….big, big cocktail rings.

And no self-respecting bombshell would not have pearls in her jewelry box.

She adores Pearls.

Lots and lots of pearls

Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon
Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon

Cashmere and Silk are her preferred fabrics.

She appreciates quality.

Bombshells love scarfs.

Chiffon or silk worn on the head and wrapped and tied in back around her neck driving in a convertible with the top down.

Tossed around her neck so it floats down her back, or covering her shoulders as a wrap.

A bombshell would never call it a pocket book.

It is always a handbag and is always dangling off of her bent forearm, never a shoulder bag.

A bombshell would never wear underpants.

She wears ‘panties’ …or perhaps nothing at all.

A bombshell knows how to cross and uncross her legs seductively and with poise.


A bombshell is willing to overcome a little discomfort for a nude leg on a cold day.

She doesn’t complain that her feet hurt in her 4 “heels.

She puts glamour before comfort. 

A peek-a-boo sandal will be the first choice of a bombshell, even in the coldest of weather.

The look and effect she accomplishes with open toes and sandals are worth the discomfort.

Pumps must show toe cleavage and have a high stiletto heel…and always have a pointed toe.

Bombshells are always kicking off their shoes or at the very least teasing the boys with a little dangling.

Oh, she gets such pleasure in teasing the boys.

Bombshell hair is loose, bouncy or long layered and always disheveled.

However she styles it a true bombshell knows how to flirt seductively with her hair coyly covering one eye.

Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon
Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon

Bombshells love lipstick and gloss and prefer pinks, reds and nudes.

And she enjoys to seductively put her lipstick on while her man watches.

Eyeliner, false lashes, and mascara are a must.

Bombshells nails and feet are always maintained and groomed…and toes are always painted Cadillac Red or some bright feminine color.

She always wears perfume even when alone for her own pleasure…and it is ALWAYS perfume, never cologne.

Bombshells love glamour, chandeliers, bubble baths; and satin and silk is always in a bombshells bedroom.

She always has champagne chilling in the fridge.

And no occasion is too small.

In fact, no occasion is necessary; champagne goes with anything from potato chips to pizza.

But the bombshell also loves Martinis, and loves it ‘dirty’!!…..a dirty martini that is.

She adores fine wines, leisurely dinners, and adores fine chocolates.

She is flirtatious and loves to laugh, but old movies and sad stories really get to her.

She empathizes with anything helpless and is particularly drawn to the broken and abandoned. She is emphatic to others and she will always defend the underdog.

In spite of her outgoing and cheerful personality she is vulnerable, deeply sensitive, and easily wounded.

At her best she is the center of attention and will stand where the light is the most flattering.

She expects roses and flattery and gifts...... but only from a man that sincerely wants to give her these things.

Independent, she knows she can always pay the check and doesn’t need a man to do so, but would NEVER pick up the check when with a gentleman, unless she values his friendship and a true ‘bond’ has been formed and she would like to do something nice back.

She is not jealous or malicious and is the kind of woman that likes and wants to get along with other females; and will happily share her beauty secrets or the name of her perfume.

She loves handwritten notes and will scent them with her perfume.

She loves room sprays, scented oils, scented candles, mood lightening and pillows and throws are everywhere

She is often the life of the party, she loves to laugh, have fun and flirt.

She is also gracious and generous.

Deep down I believe we all have a little ‘bombshell’ in all of us…..and long for it to come out.

What I love to do is bring that ‘inner bombshell’ out in women.

Let me help you find your inner bombshell. 

Makeup and Hair:


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You Know My Name..not my 'STORY'!!

I have always been fascinated with beauty, glamour and makeup.

Growing up I couldn’t get enough of my Glamour and Vogue magazines and am a huge fan of all the Old Hollywood movie starlets I was raised on.

I loved the glamour, the subtle seductiveness - I loved the power these screen vixens had.

I had big dreams about being my own boss one day and somehow being in the beauty industry.

I had gotten my cosmeticians license after high school and freelanced several years for Lauder and Lancôme.

I was on my way.

But somehow life has a way of taking you down another road...and taking you the long way around.

My story has a lot to it but the short version is one of drugs, dysfunction, denial, dependency, depression, disappointment, despair and a whole bunch of other words that start with the letter 'd'.

You see, I fell in love.. and very early on I felt in my soul I was spiritually connected to a man... a good man, a kind man, a charming and funny man with warm, Italian brown eyes...but with a cocaine dependency... and found out AFTER I left my family, friends, and job behind to go from Queens to New Jersey and move in with him.

Many wouldn’t understand. I didn’t at first either. Took many years to figure it out...but I couldn’t abandon him. I'm extremely loyal by nature and when I feel connected and bonded with another person I am connected and bonded for life. Ive never felt more comfortable and connected to another human being ever then with my Michael.

I know understand looking back he was meant to come into my live to be part of my journey.

I tried my best to help him and then tried my best to leave him...I was unsuccessful at doing either.

And when I couldn’t help him and I couldn’t leave him.... I joined him.


I thought I could save him.

I just ended up trying to save myself.

I thought I could love him thru it.

I just ended up hating myself.

I was isolated and alone.

I couldn’t stay.

I couldn’t go.

I’d been brought to my knees…. and it wasn’t very glamorous.

It was many years of hopelessness and trying to pick myself up and find the courage and strength to leave.

One step forward, two steps backward


I did a good job of hiding my sadness.

I did a great job of hiding my depression.

I did an even better job of hiding that I free-based cocaine for almost 18 out of the 29 years Michael was in my life.

I was now filled with so much self-doubt and had no self-worth.

I suffered from anxiety and was afraid to go out into the world and was completely isolated.... by my own doing.

I don’t know what happened, I had dreams and aspirations like everyone else.

I was educated and came from a good family and upbringing.


Many nights I would still be up at 4:00 -5:00 in the morning and would watch a repeated infomercial of a makeup artist named Alexis Vogel, and wished I could do makeup like that…. glamorous…. so glamorous. I loved it. I was hooked. But felt hopeless to make it happen.

I wanted to do for women what she did…transform them and make them feel so good about themselves. She became my idol then and still is to this day my favorite makeup artist.

The reasons WHY I fell into the black period and it took me so long to dig myself out are better left for another time.

But I would find comfort and joy during the black period with my babies…. my cats that my husband and I rescued over the years.

He wasn’t all bad…. he had a great heart and loved animals like I did.

He was my best friend, my only friend really.

We were buddies, partners in crime, soul mates, and I always felt safe around him.

We did everything together …and not just drugs.

We had many happy times and moments together, and my Michael was so much more than just someone with a cocaine dependency.

But still no one disappointed me or let me down more than Michael.

I knew Michael was addicted to cocaine…but it took me a while to realize I was addicted to Michael, and it took me an even longer time to finally pick myself up and say I wanted a different life and I cant save him, I can only now try to save myself.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do...leave my friend....tear myself away from a codependent relationship.

When I did finally pick my sad, broken and depressed self up off the floor from not living the life I was destined to live, I realized I had two missions in what was left of my life. 

1:  To help women feel empowered, beautiful, confident, and believe in themselves.

2: To help abused and abandoned animals that are voiceless and alone.

It wasn’t easy to pick myself up and leave...probably the hardest thing I ever did.

It wasn't easy to start a business with no business or marketing background.

I was still isolated, still suffered from self doubt and anxiety and had no outside help from other female entrepreneurs. I didn't even know any.

I started just as the economy tanked in 2008, going three long years desperately looking for even a part time job, while trying to get my business up and running and living off of credit cards. I learned from making very costly mistakes and trying again and again. 

One step forward, two steps backward… but I kept picking myself up and moved forward.

My ‘story’ isn’t all gloom and doom though as I’m not that person and that’s not my life anymore.

I have a new ‘story’.

I am proud of what I’ve come through and what I have accomplished.


Today I am a glamour and bridal makeup artist and the proud owner of DeeVa,  a mobile makeup service in NJ.

And when I started my business 10 years ago I wanted to figure out a way I could do what I like and enjoy and make a living at, but to also figure out a way I could help the animals...which is a HUGE passion of mine, so from day one I made a promise to ‘give back’ with a portion of every paid makeup service I do and donate to various animal charities.

I truly believe every person in business has the power to help and to change the world.

I see more and more business today doing this very thing and I'm so glad.

As Ghandi said..."Be the change you want to see in the world."

Sometimes God gives people a passion to speak up for others who cant speak up for themselves: the persecuted, the imprisoned, the mistreated, the disadvantaged and those who are denied justice. 

Sometimes that passion comes from personally experiencing some tragedy or obstacle in your life such as abuse, addiction, depression, disease, or some other difficulty.


Its hard to understand while you are going through the challenges or pain that usually the worst things that happen to us in life lead us to the best things that will ever happen to us and lead us to our true mission and passion.

This is what happened to me and this is why my passion is to help the animals.

I feel deep empathy and compassion towards animals …all animals and I know it is because of my ‘story’.

And every unloved animal has a ‘story’ of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

Their eyes tell a story of pain, loneliness, and a desire to be loved.

Love is the recognition of yourself in another.

My despair and loneliness bonded me for life with these sad and helpless beings that need help.

For it was in my darkest moments of loneliness that I truly connect with the lost and forgotten animals of the world. 

I feel immense sadness and pain that any animal is living alone or soul is crushed when I think about it. 


When my best friend died after 29 years together in 2012 from health issues, it was my two rescued poodles, Deeva and Lily, that saved me and got me thru it.

I was devastated, shocked, lost and lonely when I lost my husband and friend, and they gave me a reason to get out of bed every day.

They were my life....still are.

Animals will save you…and in return we must save ‘them’!!

Though I know better now, at the time I thought I was the only one in the world that had a story like mine and I needed to hide and never speak of it or share it.

I was ashamed of it.

But the truth is that I am who I am today because of it.

My character, my integrity, my loyalty.

Perhaps because I’ve been disappointed and let down so many times I’m now the most reliable and dependable person I know. I hate to disappoint or let down anyone.

Perhaps because of my loneliness I am very empathetic and can see myself in others situations.

I have experienced sadness, depression, lose and loneliness, and if I can not make these experiences meaningful, then no new experiences will help me.

I understand now that everyone has a ‘story’.

I want to use mine to help and heal.

Motivate and make a difference.

Inspire and bring hope.

Deep down inside of me I have a secret desire to be a motivational speaker, to empower, enlighten and motivate women to be their best, powerful selves.

To stop being afraid, co-dependent, and stuck.  

I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in the text will it ever read “I gave up”!!

Don’t give up hope and never be afraid or ashamed to tell your story.

Today is my birthday

I am giving myself the gift of freedom from 'shame'

I have finally found my voice.

Thank you for listening.


Makeup Artist Finds Calling in Giving Women Confidence & Funding Animal Rescue

If you want to read the BLOG I wrote when my husband passed

Deirdre Mahon 2.jpg



We are still currently in 2016 bridal season and 2017 bridal season is not far behind and brides are now meeting with their makeup and hair stylists for their makeup and hair trials.

First of all let me just say that makeup and hair trials are not free though some artists and stylist will run *specials* DeeVa Beauty is currently doing thru the end of October 2016.

These are "full service" appointments for you and we are using our time and product, and if anything we are spending more time with you for your trial than we are on 'day of'.

But here’s a suggestion… you might want to book your trial for the same day as your engagement shoot, bridal shower or any other event. However, depending on when these special days are, you might not want to wait that long to book a trial with a favorite stylist as your wedding date may not be available if you wait too long.

Please ask your vendor how many people you are allowed to bring to the trial. Some have a 1 person only requirement…others will allow you to bring more than one. It is up to you whether you want to go to your trials alone, or to bring a mother or best friend. Whomever you decide to bring, please bring someone that will calmly help offer advice and suggestions and not add extra stress…and leave the fiancés at home. They have no place at hair and makeup trials and seeing you all made up for the first time should be done on your wedding day.

Now, it is important for you to be prepared for your meetings and this includes finding images of makeup and hair styles you like.

Saying to your stylist ..."I just want to look pretty"isn’t really helping us help you look your best and how you envisioned. 

I know you aren’t a makeup artist and you have no idea what you want to look like on your wedding day.  But there are thousands of photos to choose from on Pinterest and many brides now start their own Pinterest boards for hair and makeup looks they like.

If you provide absolutely nothing to your vendors to work with then you have no right to be disappointed if you don’t get the' look' you hoped for.

Be realistic though, you do want the looks of the model’s in the photos you choose to have similar features as you, coloring, similar eye shape, hair type and ethnicity, etc.

It is important that you arrive on time for your trial!  Your trial time is 90 minutes long and when you are late you are not only jeopardizing your beauty services for your wedding by now rushing the trial session, but you are also causing other clients who may follow your appointment time to be off schedule too!

Be mindful of your grooming prior to your makeup and hair trials. This includes grooming your eye brows and other facial hair. Failure to exfoliate dry and peeling skin only hinders the makeup application and you won’t see the flawless look you hope for.

Please don’t arrive to a makeup trial with makeup on, and please make sure you remove all traces of eye makeup. No one wants to waste time trying to remove 4 layers of caked on waterproof mascara.

And please be respectful and put your phones away during your trials. There is nothing more annoying that a bride that is constantly moving and looking down while someone is trying to apply makeup or style her hair. You want your liner on straight?? and your eyelashes on properly?? …then put the phone away.

Hair trials are usually best done when hair is not freshly washed for better hold so discuss this with your stylist prior to trial.

Make sure you have all hair extensions if these apply to the style you would like, and any tiaras or adornments with you.

For best results you will always want to book your Hair and Make-up consultations on the same day. This allows you to get the full visual on your desired look.

You will always have the option of booking your day with your makeup/hairstylist right after your trial. But should you wish to go home and get others opinions and think about it please note that a signed contract and retainer is required to secure your event date. 

Wedding dates are not held just because you came for a trial. You should discuss with your stylist how long you have before your wedding date will be released and available for other bookings.

So please follow up with your stylists if you choose to not sign right then and there.

Many makeup/hair stylists will contact you a day or so after your trials or will ask you to contact them to see how everything held up and any issues that have arisen afterwards that need to be adjusted before the big day. If you provide them with no follow up information, they are likely to assume everything is OK, and your wedding day is not the time to discuss changes or any concerns.


If you are uncertain or change your mind of your ‘look’ please get in touch with your stylist a.s.a.p.

Most things can be adjusted without another trial if they are small matters. But it is worth the price of a full retrial for a whole different look to better assess your new ideas and options compared to the first. Chancing it to the day of can lead to a disaster.

Please be open minded to your artist’s recommendations and suggestions for you.

Remember, wedding day makeup is not ‘every day’ makeup and your stylists are professionals and do this all the time. They know about color intensities and how things will read on camera and in different lighting situations.  What you may see and what a photo sees are two completely different things as well.

You are paying a small fortune for this wedding of your dreams, don’t leave your makeup and hair to chance by not choosing a professional for these services, not being prepared, and not being open minded enough to try different things, stepping out of your comfort zone to try a new ‘look’. 

Your wedding photos are the only thing that will be left over for years to come to preserve these memories. 

YOU want to make sure you look your BEST in them.


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All eyes will be on you on your wedding.

Your face should reflect the happiness and glow that every bride experiences.

It should also reflect and ‘rise up’ to match the beauty of your gown and headpiece.

Do not skimp on having your makeup done professionally thinking you are saving some money.  Your photos are forever!

Also, make sure that you find a makeup artist that can see your ‘vision’ for how you want to look on your big day.

And make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find the one makeup artist that will be a good fit for YOU!!

Start searching at least a minimum 4-6 months before. But 6-9 months is more realistic.

Makeup artists specializing in bridal makeup book their dates several months to a year in advance so you want to make sure they are available for your date.


One of the best ways of finding a makeup artist is through word of mouth. A referral from someone you know and trust who has first- hand experience is always a plus as long as your tastes and styles are similar.

Some good questions to ask the person giving the make-up artist referral are the following:

• was the bridal makeup artist reliable and timely

• was the artist friendly and accommodating

• was their kit organized and clean

• how long did the makeup last during your wedding day

• will the artist travel to your home or hotel on your big day

Ask to see photos of the makeup artist work.

If the makeup artist can’t show you photo of his/her work…move on.

When you find someone you think may be a good match for you, call or email them.

Listen to your instincts.

Are they professional in their response? Are they pleasant and courteous?

Do they take the time to answer your questions or rush you off the phone?

Do they ask questions about your skin, your makeup, your vision for your look on your day?

If an email is sent do they respond back to you in a timely manner?


Set up a trial appointment. Some makeup artist will travel to you for your trial appointment.

Others you have to travel to their studio for the trial but will travel to your location the day of your wedding. Be sure to ask about this ahead of time.

If they are traveling to you for the trial, did he/she show up on time? Do you want to risk this on your big day? Lateness is never excusable.

Is the artist well prepared, and is he/she genuinely interested in what you want and need?

Do they want to know how you are wearing your hair, the style of your dress, what allergies to product you might have if any.

Is the artist’s kit clean and orderly, stocked with a wide range of ‘professional quality’ products and options? And is everything clean and sanitary? Brushes should be clean.

Does the makeup artist wash his/her hands before applying makeup to your face?

Once your makeup trial is completed, don’t be afraid to give your honest feedback.

If you don’t like something, say so. This way the makeup artist can offer alternatives and different options.

Please realize that as a professional we do have experience in what will look good and last but the trial is a conversation between the two of you to come up with a look that you will be happy with. DO NOT say you love it if you don’t because the makeup artist will recreate the same look on your wedding day. The trial is the time to experiment and discuss things and try different colors, etc.

You are paying for this service and have every right to say you aren’t happy.

If your makeup artist is offended or is not willing to accommodate you…move on to another.

If everything checks out and you are happy and want to hire your makeup artist make sure you discuss all the details for your wedding day.

How many total in your party are needing makeup that day.

What time do you need the makeup artist to arrive (allow 30 minutes prior to when you actually think you need them to arrive).

If there are many in your party needing makeup do you need the makeup artist to bring an ‘assistant’ or 'second artist' as well?

Be clear on what the artist payment and business policies are.

And then sit back and relax knowing you have a professional coming to make you gorgeous on your special day !!


All images and content on this site are property of ©DeeVa Beauty, llc

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DeeVa Beauty
DeeVa Beauty

You dreamed about this day since …well, forever. So how important is your face on your wedding day?

Will you love your wedding photos when you look back on them for years to come? 

All eyes are on YOU on your wedding day.

YOU are the star of the show.

What could possibly be more important than the way YOU look?

You waited your whole life for this moment....and you are not going to use a professional? 

There is so much more to professional makeup than meets the eye.

A professional knows how colors work. Whether or not to use a certain color does not depend on trends. It depends on chemistry between one's skin, the cosmetics, and the lighting.

A professional knows which colors make your particular eye color ‘pop’!

A professional understands that shimmer reflects light and that it must be placed carefully.

Do you know what powders NOT to use so it won’t produce ‘flashback’ and make you look shiny when the camera takes your pic?

Do you know how to layer and set your makeup so it lasts all day?

Do you know what colors go with others?

A professional knows how to achieve glowing, flawless skin, chooses the best lip color for your personality, and chooses the right products for oily skin vs. dry skin, etc.

A professional is makeup educated. Regularly attends professional makeup shows and seminars and receives the latest updates and stays current on new makeup products, techniques, and news.

A professional uses only top quality camera ready cosmetics and products with the highest percentage of pigment in them…and knows the right tools to apply them properly.

But a professional isn’t there just to do your makeup, a true professional helps you with your skin care needs to get your skin in top shape.

Remember your makeup will only look as good as your skin is underneath it.

And a professional is there to keep you calm and keep you relaxed on your special day and knows how to schedule the day to make everything run smoothly.

So please keep all of this in mind when you are planning your wedding and examining your budget.

How much are you spending on your Gown? Flowers? Invitations? Decorations?

Will you be excited about your wedding album and the glorious entrance you made down the aisle?

Your makeup and hair should rise UP to your gown and flowers and décor.

Whether you choose me or another makeup artist, at least realize that ANYONE can post a profile and say they are a makeup artist....and quote you really low prices...but it is true that you get what you pay for.


Make sure they have been in business for several years and have testimonials and references from past satisfied clients.

If someone doesn’t even have a professional website that shows who they are, their credentials, and their work.....MOVE ON!!! 

I have been called at the last minute by many a bride who was abandoned a week before her big day when a ‘fly by night’ business closed shop unexpectedly because they weren’t professional, established, or passionate about this business.

And don't ask a cousin or a neighbor to do your makeup just to save some $.


Good work ain't cheap...and cheap work ain't good!!!

Instagram: @deevabeautymakeup

All images and content on this site are property of ©DeeVa Beauty, llc

All rights reserved.  Copying in any way is prohibited.


Well first of all does it REALLY cost so much??

When you stop to actually think about what you are getting for the cost …it doesn’t.

The question isn’t “Can I afford to have my makeup professionally done?”

It is “Can I afford NOT to have my makeup professionally done?” 

If you don’t think makeup and hair is that big a deal then just go ahead and hire an unprofessional and stay up all night the night before your big day wondering if they will actually show up.

Many nonprofessionals don’t even have contracts with you so they can at the last minute take another job that is larger which means more money for them leaving you to now panic and be desperate to find a replacement.

I've had many a bride call me at the last minute in panic mode because her ‘cheap’ Craigslist makeup artist bailed on her.

Think about the money you spend going to a cheap makeup artist and having a bad experience and then having to start from scratch again looking for a GOOD makeup artist and having to now pay for another trial…when you could have and should have just gone with a ‘professional’ in the first place.


So let’s break it down some more and see what you really get that costs so much.


Well for one thing, you get the luxury of not having to leave your home or hotel room day of to travel to a store counter in front of everyone to be rushed and get your makeup done.

A professional packs up all her products and travels to you day of and you get to relax in your pajamas with your maids sipping mimosas. Many of us travel not only with our big heavy kits, but bring the chair, lighting and sometimes even a fold up table directly to you for your comfort and convenience…and then we stand for hours sometimes as many as 6 straight hours without a break or sitting down for 5 minutes.

It is your one day to feel pampered and like a star.

Imagine Kim K or Beyoncé doing their own makeup and hair for the Oscars…not going to happen.

Imagine Kim K or Beyoncé looking for a makeup or hairstylist on Craigslist…not going to happen.

Celebrities KNOW the value of good ‘quality makeup and hair people.



You are paying for the training classes that we take to keep informed and up to date.

You are paying for our knowledge of what products to use that are camera friendly and which to avoid.

You are paying us to know appropriate makeup for all age groups, different skin types and skin conditions, and which products are appropriate for both.

You are paying us for the different ‘techniques’ that we have mastered in order to ensure your makeup lasts ALL DAY!!

You are paying us to bring to life your ‘vision’ of how you want to look and feel on your day!!

You are paying for us to know about proper sanitary conditions.

Do you think a $50.00 makeup artist cares about proper sanitary conditions?



The cost of our professional grade products and brushes in our kits are in the thousands of dollars...and even with pro discounts they still are very expensive.

Do you think a $50.00 makeup artist invests in high end product in her kit?


We don’t back out. WE SHOW UP!!

We take your wedding day seriously, and provide you with the best in a ‘luxury’ service.

I know ‘PRO’ makeup artists’ that have missed family reunions, holidays, even wakes and funerals not to let down a bride.

I personally lost my husband of 28 years unexpectedly which left me devastated and depressed, BUT two weeks after his passing I crawled out of bed, picked myself up, and put my ‘happy face’ on and showed up for my bride and her party.

We give up all of our summer weekend days to provide you services to make your day FABULOUS.

We do it happily because we LOVE what we do…but still we have to price accordingly, and I’m happy to be part of an industry, part of a group of professionals who care, truly care, for their brides.



As freelance makeup artist’s we set our prices to reflect many things including to account for time spent with you. The amount of time spent with emails, telephone calls, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Keeping our products and kits cleaned and well stocked. All of these take time out of our working day and need to be factored into the cost. We must cover all the expenses associated with being self-employed. There are Insurance costs, products costs, advertising costs, website update costs; and we have to pay taxes too just like everyone else.

We are 'freelance’ and freelance rates are higher because our jobs are short-term and don’t offer any benefits.

And as bridal makeup artists our work is only 'seasonal’ which means we only work for half of the year.

This is how we make our living to pay for rent, food, electricity, etc.

This is our ‘business’. This isn’t a hobby.


And last but not least:


The confidence and peace of mind that your makeup artist and hair stylist will be showing up to make you beautiful.

When a woman looks in the mirror, a tear comes into her eye and she says:

“OMG, I didn’t know I could look like this”.

You can NOT put a price on that!

You cannot put a price on confidence and peace of mind.

I love what I do and it is what I bring to the world.

And this doesn’t just apply to brides…it is for all women that desire to look the very best they can whether it is for a wedding or any other special event, and to move on into the world with confidence and joy.

You have to look at the bigger picture here and not just focus on dollar amounts.

You invest so much time and money and effort to get the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect photographer that will see your ‘vision’ for your day.

And then you want to ruin it all by hiring someone based on saving yourself …what??

$30.00? $50.00?, $100.00?    Seriously??

It’s funny how some brides will spend more on their shoes that will never be seen under their dress but will squawk over spending on their hair and makeup that will be seen in EVERY photo.

This is an investment…and investment in YOU.

Look, the truth is the market is flooded with FAKE UP artists and U TUBE experts.

Anyone can buy some brushes and some MAC makeup and now call themselves a makeup artist and post U TUBE tutorials.

You wouldn’t hire just anyone for a medical issue or if you were in need of a lawyer, plumber, or mechanic.

You wouldn’t put yourself in the hands of an amateur…so why do you do it for your wedding day and wedding pictures that are lasting you a lifetime??

Anything, A N YT H I N G in this world that is in high demand and requires skill and comes with years of experience and a high degree of integrity and professionalism will cost money.

If you find a makeup artist that is in high demand, you can usually expect her rates to reflect this.

Between the Wedding Blogs that are trying to sell advertisements, and the amateurs who are just trying to make a quick buck, they are both bringing the wedding industry down.

The wedding Blogs are full of info and tips that brides read...overwhelming you with info.

But not all of is accurate information.

The wedding Blogs are not fully doing their job.

They don’t tell you about accurately calculating into your budget hair and makeup right from the start.

And many brides unfortunately end up spending all their budget upfront on venue, dress, and photographer not at all thinking about makeup and hair until just a couple months before their day only to have no money left so they go looking for the cheapest one they can find.

Hey, it’s just makeup right??


By the way, ever shop for a cheap mechanic or plumber??

I’m sure you wished you just went with a 'pro' from the get go.

There is a reason why people say:

“You get what you pay for”.

“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.”

“If it’s too good to be true it probably is”.

Please remember, this is a ‘luxury’ service offering you convenience and peace of mind.

No matter how perfect your dress, your venue, your flowers, or even the weather, IF YOU don’t feel you look gorgeous, it will ruin your day.

Your expensive photos will be lasting you a lifetime.  You want to look and feel your best.

Whether you choose DeeVa Beauty or another, please make sure you hire ‘professionals’!!!

Read a testimonial from one of my brides.

"I started my search for a makeup artist by going to Craigslist since the price was unbeatable and the overall price of our wedding just kept on creeping up and I was trying to save wherever possible___that was a nightmare! After that trial I realized that I couldn't skimp on a makeup artist since my tight budget would be a temporary situation but my pictures would last a lifetime.

Thankfully I found Deirdre and she was amazing! She took the time to understand my skin needs, my personality, and to know my comfort level. She also did my wedding party (8 people + bride)

Her work ethic is incredible and I definitely plan on being a repeat customer.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional makeup services."

~Gisselle P.  2/15/14

What do you really get when you hire a professional makeup artist?

You get to have a good night’s sleep before the most important day of your life.

And you can’t put a dollar amount on THAT!!

Instagram: @deevabeautymakeupandhair

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When you are in your 20s and 30s you can get away with much more.

But as you approach your 40s and 50s suddenly too much makeup...or too little aren’t looking so good.

Here are some tips to help you:

Using the wrong foundation:  Forget the rule that says your foundation must match your complexion exactly.  Skin becomes paler with age so if you were to use a foundation that matched you 100% you could look pasty.

Put some life back in your skin with a slightly ‘warmer’ tone, a shade just a bit deeper than your old one. If that is going to deep, than mix the two together to give you the desired shade. And still speaking of foundation, remember that as we get older and our hormone levels drop our skin loses moisture.

If you use a medium to full coverage foundation, which have a lot of pigment… and pigment means more powder which will absorb moisture, then you have color that cakes and creeps into your fine lines.   

What to do? First, make sure you exfoliate religiously to avoid dry flaky skin that the foundation will stick to. And sheer out your foundation a bit with a drop of moisturizer to make it less likely to settle into lines.


Cakey Concealer:  To keep concealer from drawing attention to wrinkles, apply it only to the inner halves of your eyes to cover up darkness. Pat it in gently, using your pinky finger for the lightest touch, from the inner corner only to about half way out. Skip using the thick traditional cream kind and instead try one of the new brush-on highlighter pens with some light diffusers added to them.

And make sure you use the right color…a touch lighter than your foundation color.

Go to light and you look ashy.

None or overdone Eyebrows:  Brows frame and define the eyes and face and help you look more youthful.

But don’t go overboard and draw on a harsh overdrawn one. You need to use a brow pencil, it is designed to be hard but go on softly using short little strokes starting from front and working your way to the tail end.


Overdone Eyes:  Piling on color in hopes that it will stay all day is not the way to go. A good eye primer is the first step in helping your eyelids have an even smooth base upon which to now add your shadow.

A primer not only helps color adhere better but also helps hide veins and any discoloration of your lids. But remember to apply just a tiny thin sheer coat…any more and the excess will make your eyes look crepey.

Muddy Eye shadow:  If brown and bone are your go- to eye shadow colors you should note that brown has yellow or red pigments in it, and either can make your eyes look tired.

Bone can be to light now to cover any skin discolorations especially if not using a primer first. Jewel tones cancel out reds and yellows, and choose taupe’s over browns.


Closing up your eyes:  Only apply liner to top lashes. Using a pencil to line the top of lashes...thinner along the inner eye and getting slightly fuller as you go towards the outer corner. A good universal color would be charcoal or eggplant.

Save the black for evening…too harsh for daytime. For underneath your eye use a softer color and line softly using eye shadow, not a pencil…and remember to smudge and blend. NEVER apply liquid liner to bottom of lashes.  

Curl your lashes for a more youthful and awake look. And because mascara can weigh down lashes they may not hold a curl as they once did when you were younger.

Try a ‘curling’ mascara to see if that helps otherwise use waterproof.

Now waterproof is drying to lashes and much harder to get off so be careful to condition your lashes at night after washing your face and make sure to use a good eye makeup remover first to remove the mascara before washing your face to avoid rubbing and tugging on your delicate eye area and causing your lashes to fall out from all that rubbing.


Bad blush:  An instant trick to lift the cheeks is to apply your blush to the ‘apples’ of your cheeks. Go with a warm, rosy color for fair and medium skin tones. Or a brownish berry for darker. 

Don’t go to bright on the blush.

Dark lipstick:  Lips lose plumpness over time and a deep lipstick makes them appear thinner. To dark a lipstick and you look harsh. The whole point of wearing makeup is to appear fresh, youthful and soft.  Remember, light brings forward and larger. Dark recedes, makes smaller if you want your lips to look plump and full choose a lighter color and add a touch of clear shimmer lip gloss over your lipstick to catch the light and give the allusion of pump lips.

Or try a sheer golden gloss over to add dimension.


Lipstick Bleed: Lip liner is the way to go to stop the bleeding of lipstick. Also don’t apply lipstick directly from the tube and apply it with a lip brush. Extra lipstick migrates, especially as the definition of the lips boarder softens with age.

Applying color straight from the tube give you to much product than what you need. Instead, dip the brush into your lipstick and dab a little on the center of your lips, which is the fullest, and then spread it to the corners which are the narrowest part.

Also, remember to apply your foundation to your lips as well first so your lipstick has something to cling to. This will add to the staying power.

And lastly, remember that ANYTHING that is severe…. a lipstick...dark, heavy liner…to dark hair color against your skin…WILL AGE YOU!!!

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Find YOUR Purpose!! Share YOUR Gift!!

We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too!

Howard Thurman once said,

 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.

Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”

When you discover what makes you come alive the world will open up and the universe will create opportunities for you to do just that.

Whatever it is, you will feel compelled to speak up about it and do what you can to make a difference. You cannot keep yourself from talking about what you care about most.  


Sometimes God gives people a passion to speak up for a group of others who can’t speak up for themselves: the persecuted, the poor, the imprisoned, the mistreated, the disadvantaged and those who are denied justice.  

The Universe gives us all different passions so that everything that needs to get done in the world will get done.

You have to figure out how to get your gift out of your heart and into the world where it can be loved and appreciated.


Sometimes that passion comes from personally experiencing some tragedy or obstacle in your life such as abuse, addiction,  depression, disease, or some other difficulty.

The challenge is that it is hard to understand this while you are going thru the challenges or pain.

Usually the worst things that happen to us in life lead us to the best things that will ever happen to us and lead us to our true missions and passions in life.

Don’t make the mistake of discounting any of your experiences.

They are there for a reason.

It’s your job to figure out what that reason is, learn what you need to from it and the move on and use what you can for your purpose.

Look at every experience as an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.

Know that wherever you are on your journey that is exactly where you need to be.


Wherever you’ve been, and whatever you’ve done so far, both good and bad, your entire life was building up to this moment. Now is the time to rise up into your greatness.

A greatness you never could have reached without going through exactly the things you’ve gone through.

Everything you’ve experienced was for a reason and a purpose.

No matter how low you might have descended, there is no shame and no limit to how high you can now rise.

Don’t waste your failures…learn from them…use them.

Don’t push your dreams aside…pursue them.

Remember...we ALL have a 'story'.

I do as well.


I also think most of us have a dream, a secret aspiration we never admit to anyone else for fear of being laughed at. Yet the dream remains in our head and our heart and never really goes away. You feel it’s your destiny, planted in your brain like a little seed.

I do as well.


I am very passionate about helping animals in need.

And EMPOWERING women thru helping them look and feel good about themselves.

However, I also secretly have wished to be a motivational speaker. 

To inspire and encourage other women in pursuing their dreams.

To not be ashamed of their story, to learn from it, to share it, and to find their gift through it.

There I said it. I put it out there. I’ve not shared that secret desire with many people.

Until I get the opportunity to actually stand up and do it in person, I will l do it here thru my BLOG posts.

It is said…If you have life you have a purpose.


What are YOU willing to do?

What are your strengths?

What are your passions?

What are your dreams?

Who can you help?

Who can you teach?

What’s your secret dream?

What do you wish for?



Then take a breath

 Have a plan.



"God created you as an individual with special gifts, skills, and talents. You were placed on this earth for a reason and a purpose. You are meant to discover who you are and to express yourself in your own unique way. God and the angels want you to be passionate about what you do for work.

They want you to find your life's purpose so you can help and serve others."

~Connect with Angels

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My Trip to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Those of you that know me know I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE animals....ALL animals!!

And those of you that dont, well I'm letting you know now. I adore animals...ALL animals!!

So it was very exciting to me to be able to visit an animal sanctuary recently in Pennsylvania.

I had first heard about the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary when I saw a video that was circulating on Facebook about a poor little sweet pig named Jeremiah.

This poor thing was rescued from someones backyard after someone called the authorizes upon seeing it out in the frigid bitter cold.

The emaciated little pig struggled to breathe as blood poured from his snout, and yet his eyes were filled with hope.

Under filth-encrusted sores and protruding bones, he wanted to live...just like you and I.

He was named Jeremiah, “God will lift him up.”

Jeremiah, fighting to live.
Jeremiah, fighting to live.

The humane police officer heroically rescued him from a living nightmare on Thursday night on February 20th, but did not know if he was rescued in time. The vets warned that the damage might be too great.  Jeremiah might not survive.

He got worse before he got better.

Vet visits, medicines, feeding his broken body by hand and even by syringe, and praying for his survival.

Long-term pneumonia left his airways so scarred that blood and mucus spewed from his nose as he battled for air.

Painful ulcers on his feet and legs from being forced to live in his own filth caused his legs to swell unnaturally.

They feared that even if he survived he most probably wouldn't be able to walk again.

And yet, throughout all of it, Jeremiah fought for his life.


Eddie Traffic, is another young pig who on the morning of December 23, 2013, jumped from a slaughter-house bound truck in the midst of heavy I-80 Parsippany, NJ traffic.

The terrified pig waited on the highway with cars roaring by for four hours before help arrived to take him to a safe home and a new life.

Eddie Traffic
Eddie Traffic

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting these two gorgeous gentle souls, as well as many other of the animals wondering happily and freely on the property. 

Horses, goats, sheep, chickens, cats, and cows, many pigs, and even a peacock.

There is something so beautiful about seeing animals roam freely, under the sun, breathing the fresh-air. 

Animals are no different than us. 

We all want the same things. ...sunshine, fresh air, a kind, gentle hand to give us belly rubs, to be told we are special and beautiful.......and some 'treat's.

Located in Mehoopy, Pa., Indraloka is an all species animal rescue and provides “heaven on earth” to more than 150 animals who have nowhere else to turn. 

They educate the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves, others, and the environment all while helping animals in need.

They are always looking for 'volunteers' and it is a beautiful way to spend the day with your children, so make sure you bring some treats with you. The pigs love bananas and apples, and so do the horses.

They could also use donations and DeeVa Beauty was happy to make a small one.


It was a 2 1/2 hour trip each way for me from North NJ, but it was worth the drive to meet the animals......and my beloved, forever in my heart...Jeremiah, who has had made a miraculous full recovery and is up and about walking and playing and making new friends.

Jeremiah, you truly have been 'lifted up by love' ♥ .............and I am still swooning from our 'kiss'!!!


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MY GLAM EXPERIENCE with 'GLAM Portraits by Marjorie'

I make ‘other’ women beautiful for a living.

I make ‘other’ women feel glamorous for a living.

I help ‘other’ women feel good about themselves.

I was also very shy as a child and not at all sure of myself or confident.

I grew up feeling invisible….


Growing up I lived, eat and breathed the Old Hollywood movies.

My walls were covered with all the Hollywood starlets.

I wanted to emulate these actresses.

I loved glamour and wanted so much to be the center of attention.

But truth is I never went to my Prom.

Never had a ‘wedding’...nope, this girl eloped and the bride wore ‘black’!! LOL (don’t ask)

And believe or not in my almost 58 years I’ve never even had a birthday party that wasn’t given by my ‘mommy’ since I was 10.

Long story short…I’ve NEVER had just one day that was special or where I was the center of attention.

So now what??

My husband and best friend of 28 years passed away 4 years now.

And with him my days of getting to dress up and go out and feel somewhat special and glamorous at least just on a Saturday night.

My Michael always made me feel pretty.    

And as happens all too often we females never appreciate ourselves and what we have till it’s too late.

I look back at older photos when I was in my 20’s and say to myself.

”Why did I beat myself up so much and see only flaws. Hey, I was kinda cute.”

I had an amazing mane of thick dark hair, eyes that men always called ‘bedroom eyes’, good skin, and a backside that my husband always said was my best ‘asset’

And then I realized it isn’t so much that I’m not the same ‘cute’ girl anymore but that I didn’t enjoy my youth when I had it. 

I let my youth slip away. And that is what makes me sad.

I don’t think I fully enjoyed being a woman until I was in my 40’s.

Oh I enjoyed all the looks and attention I got in my 20’s 30’s and even well into my 40’s.

Hey, I was finally getting ‘attention’ and being seen, but I wasn’t truly comfortable in my own skin and have the inner confidence to back it up till in my 40’s.

One of the gifts of age is that it finally becomes easier to ignore other people’s opinions.

We’ve been through enough by now to know our true feelings and what we want and are ready to live the lives we would have lived all along if we had thought it was okay and had the confidence to ‘go for it’.

So I decided I won’t let it consume me and will accept that what is no more is no more.

And what is now is now.

I will use all that I DO have which is my health, my humor, my personality and my wisdom to embrace this time of my life.

Move into the next chapter with as much dignity and grace as I can.

I decided to start with freeing myself from being a slave to coloring my grey hairs and dealing with long, thick coarse hair that was now way to much to handle.

I admit it was scary and strange to see my hair getting shorter and shorter and greyer and greyer.

Truth is that now that my hair is short and grey I wished I had done it sooner.

There is something very freeing and empowering about not being a slave to your hair.

We have so much of our identity wrapped up in it.

Hey, I was the girl in my teens and all thru my 20’s and 30’s with the Farrah Fawcett lions-main and knew all too well how to work the sexy hair flip to fall over my smokey eye.

Now I’m left with chin hairs, puffy eyes, and the beginning of sagging chin…hardly stuff you can get your ‘flirt’ on with.

It's like I'm in a battle between world domination and impending doom.

It's exhausting.

So what's the best thing you can do for yourself when you are starting to not feel so young and sexy anymore?

When you still want just ONE DAY to be pampered and be the center of attention?

When you want and need to get your confidence back to be able to move forward in life??

DO A “GLAM” SHOOT of course!!!

And my friend Marjorie Mazzei Raggoof GLAM Portraits by MarjorieRaggo  was kind enough to let me have a shoot of my own.

I have worked with Marjorie before doing the makeup for her clients and she knew how much I LOVE working on them for other women.........but how very much I wanted one of my own.

So what does this shoot mean to me?

Well for starters I finally got my ‘one’ day.

My chance to shine.

To be pampered.

To feel special.

To see myself in a new light.

This is the best thing I could have done for myself at this stage in my life.

Marjorie, I LOVE MY PHOTOS and I don’t think you will ever truly understand what this photo shoot meant to me and has done for my confidence and self esteem and how grateful I am.

To give the gift of confidence and empowerment to a woman is a special gift.

And if I could encourage just one woman to gift herself the gift of a GLAM shoot…my work here is done.

I only wish my Michael could see my new hair and my fabulous photos.

But I know what he would say.

He would tell me I’m beautiful and I still ‘got it’.

I also know my Michael would say I grieved long enough and it’s time to move on.

I’m going to frame one of the photos to hang...OK ...maybe two or three, lol and put them where I can see them every morning as I open my eyes.

Right next to my morning affirmations and vision board to start my day feeling awesome and hopeful about myself and what new adventures lay ahead for me.

Because you know what?

I’m still ‘Hot’ just in a different way to my youthful lion’s mane, bedroom eyes and firm butt.

And that’s okay. It’s just taking a little bit of getting used to, because the fact is that we live in a society that values a firm butt on a woman more than her wisdom, her kindness and her character, and it’s my mission to do my part to try and change that.

I hope you love looking at my photos as much as I do.

Now please excuse me, I have to go buy the sexiest little black dress and sign up with

It would be unfair to deprive the boys of all this fabulousness!!


Even Barbie has had a 'GLAM' shoot...what are YOU waiting for??

When I first started my business I intended for it to be a combination of 'boss women motivation' along with 'beauty inspiration'

Your self-love begins to externalize itself in many forms, and one way that I've found to boost your self- love is seeing the outer beauty in yourself.

That in turn gives you the self-confidence and motivation to go out and rock the world and be a boss woman.

At its core value of what I stand for…I am passionate about women feeling confident and empowered.Empowered women can change the world!!!!

Whether a bride, a CEO of a big company, or a teenager just starting to wear makeup, I want you to shine.  

To see your Goddess like qualities. 

To see and ‘feel’ your POWER!!!

Glamour photography celebrates and worships the feminine mystique,

as well as the beauty and sensuality of the women.

And EVERY celebrity…

male and female, young and old, Old Hollywood and New Hollywood, has had one.

Here are 25 reasons why YOU need to do one too!!!

Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood
Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone
Anjelina Jolie
Anjelina Jolie
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis
Betty White
Betty White

My goodness.....even BARBIE has had a GLAM shoot!!!.........wearing 'faux' fur of course.


See yourself that way just once and you ‘get it’ is life changing and life affirming.

We spend our lives worshiping other females and putting others up on a pedestal admiring and wishing we could have their bodies, their lives, their clothes, and their ‘stuff’.

We follow celebrities on Instagram, we buy magazines they are on the covers of.

We are always seeking approval of some kind and searching for validation in all the wrong places.

We are always seeking ‘something’, though never really finding it.

In new shoes, new hand bags, in a new lipstick.

In a new ....’something’.

But the truth is you will never find it outside yourself.

And we somehow ALWAYS manage to come up with the money for all these ‘other’ things.

We always seem to find the money for this and for that.

But investing in you?  NO WAY!!!

I can’t stress this enough.


These are life alteringmoments and lifetime memories!!

So I ask you.....its good enough for others...but not for you ???

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Nobody can tax it or take it away from you”  ~Warren Bufett

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Professional head shots are a must in today’s media-driven environment.

These shots need to tell the world about you and your personal brand because it is the first thing most people see, and your styling must be consistent with, and reflect, who you are and what you do. 

You want to come off as friendly and approachable, as well as professional and trustworthy.

They are a must for your website, your Facebook profile and your LinkedIn profile. 

But remember professional head shots aren't just for people 'in business' or for our careers. 

They are fabulous for posting on dating sites as well.

There is A LOT of competition out there everyday that we are competing NEED to put your best self forward.

That said, for best results I highly recommend making the additional investment in a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. 

You would do this for your wedding day to ensure you looked your best, so why wouldn’t you make the same investment in photos that will represent you to the world?


Makeup makes a huge difference in a head shot photo, period. 

Most women know how to apply makeup for everyday use but there are a few differences in applying makeup for photos; especially glamour. 

If you are reasonably good at applying makeup yourself though, and would rather do it yourself, here are some basic points that you might find useful. 

1. Exfoliate:

Make sure you exfoliate a few times over the week or two before your photo session to ensure your skin is smooth and there are no dry skin patches.   

2. Moisturize:

Apply a good hydrating moisturizer and remember oily skin still needs a moisturizer just one appropriate for oily skin. 

3. Foundation:

Match the color of foundation to the natural color of your skin in the neck/chest area.

Use a foundation that gives you a good even coverage. Use liquid if your skin is dry and a powder if you have an oily skin type. Make sure to blend it up into the hair line and around the perimeter of the face. There should not be a drastic difference between the color of your neck and that of your face.

Choose a foundation with NO SPF in it.  

Foundation with SPF create flash white…your face will look whiter than the rest of your skin.  

4. Concealer:

Concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone.  Apply concealer to hide marks/blemishes, lighten your under eyes as well as the inner corners of your eyes, and used if there is any discoloration around the lip area. It can also be used as

a base for your eye shadow to help it stay on longer. 


5. Eye shadow:

Satin or matte finish eye shadows work best with the camera because they do not reflect the light as much as a shimmer would. Shimmers make the light reflect and cause the features to get washed out.

Avoid frosts or garish colors. 

6.Eyeliner and Lashes for eyes really makes the difference in a photo. Choose a softer color than black for your liner like charcoal and a natural style lash that just adds to your lashes but without looking like you’re going to a night club. Helps define the lash line and makes eye pop.

7.Eye Brows:

Never forget to define/fill-in your eyebrows to define your eyes. It makes a HUGE difference.


You should lightly line your lips with a liner that softly matches the color of your lipstick.

Choose a lipstick/gloss is a color about one shade deeper than you normally wear it. Try to avoid highly shimmer and frosted on your lips.  

9. Blush/Bronzer : use more than you normally would. 


10. Plenty of powder:

Don’t be afraid to use a lot more powder than usual to keep your skin matte. You should bring yours and apply extra powder regularly.

Even if you've never used powder in your life, please use it for your portrait session.  Powder makes the difference between a beautiful portrait and just a portrait.

Use lots of it to set makeup and to keep down shine. Shine is our enemy when it comes to photos! 

Remember to apply too much In order to look great in photos you have to apply a little more make up than you would for everyday. So if it looks too heavy, it’s probably just right for the camera. If you are unsure, then go out into the sunlight with your mirror. Not so drastic anymore is it?


Natural looking makeup for a photo shoot does not mean light makeup by daily makeup standards. You’ll be applying a good amount of foundation and using a lot of powder, compared to when you are going to work. What you need is good coverage combined with natural look finish.

You will probably think you that you are wearing too much but remember that the lights take away from whatever amount of makeup you have on so don't worry.  

More tips:

Do a dress rehearsal at home in front of a mirror. Practice poses and expressions.

Do not drink alcohol the night before your shoot (you don’t want puffy eyes).

Drink lots of water and be well rested (so your eyes will not have dark circles).

Make sure you get plenty of sleep at least the night before your shoot if not two or three nights before.


What to wear:

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great
  • Don't overdress
  • A simple black shirt/blouse/dress is often a good option
  • Darker clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes
  • Solid colors are great
  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines or stripes
  • No glitter
  • Avoid red as a dominant color
  • Turtlenecks aren’t the best option


  • Keep jewelry extremely simple - small is better, unless of course it really represents your brand and personality.
  • Avoid jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated
  • The picture is about your face not your jewelry
  • Classic Pearls are always a good choice 

What to bring:

  •     Samples from magazines or other head shots to help communicate the look you want
  •     Makeup and hair products for touch ups
  •      Favorite music (to help relax you)

Just like a professional hair and makeup artist, you get what you pay for. These days it seems like anyone with a digital camera refers to themselves as a professional photographer. Make sure they have a website, happy reviews from prior clients, and a portfolio of their work that will speak for itself. Try to find a photographer whose work reflects that of you and your brand.

And remember there is nothing to be nervous about. 

A good photographer will know how to put you at ease and in a few minutes you will relax. 

Try to have fun and let your personality shine through.

If you need help with hair and makeup for your professional head shots  please call 908.247.0244

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9 Tips on How To Be a Glamorous Bride

Not every girl longs to be a ‘glamorous’ bride.

There are still those who want to stay modest and demure.

But for brides looking to add a little to 'glam' their style… here are a few ideas for you. 

1. Choose a plunging dress

If you are blessed with a sexy back, the classiest way to show off some skin in a wedding gown is with a backless dress. The daringly low lines look modest from the front, but catch all eyes from the back. And it goes so well with #2


2. A Back Necklace

This new trend pairs perfectly with idea #1.

The back jewelry is a sexy and elegant way to accentuate your back.

This is the jewelry to wear when you have an up-do or short hairstyle.

Complement that plunge with a little bit of sparkle, or my # 3 suggestion….Pearls.


3. Pearls! 

Pearls are more than just jewels. Since the beginning of time, pearls have been revered as one of the world's most beautiful and magical gems. Today, cultured pearls are the foundation of every woman's jewelry wardrobe.

Fashionable and feminine, cultured pearls truly enhance a woman's style.

Rich, classy, and every ‘lady’ since the beginning of time has worn them.

A simple cultured pearl necklace can take a woman through every moment in her life, every outfit in her wardrobe. The possibilities are endless.


4. Bird Cage Veil

Chic, Classic, and timeless. They’re simply beautiful and scream 'Hollywood glamour', sophistication and elegance. The fabulous bird cage veil can be worn and adapted to suit your personal style and taste. You can have the simple net veil covering your entire face, positioned just below the eyes or covering your head completely – it’s entirely up to you.

You can even dye the netting to any color you want!

Ivory, classic white, black, red, pink, yellow, etc for a ‘pop’ of color!


  5. Gloves

The ultimate elegant accessory.

Along with pearls, it is the one accessory you will have seen EVERY Old Hollywood actress wearing.

Gloves were worn everywhere in the 1950s and completed a woman's grooming. 

Without gloves she was not properly accessorized. 

Clean gloves were also the hallmark of a lady and white or cream was the most favored. 

The formality of wearing gloves even continued into the sixties but sadly you don’t see much of it anymore now.

However, there are few things as glamorous as a fabulous pair of gloves.

Wrist-length, elbow length & opera-length gloves for weddings, proms, or debutante balls in silk or white leather. They add sophistication to your bridal style.

However, you are certainly not limited to traditional gloves. 

Again, a pop of color can add an element of surprise to a traditional white bridal dress. 

I love the look of black opera length gloves to complete a white gown.


6. RED

Gone are the days where the bride must wear all white.

Hey, it’s YOUR wedding, and that means YOU get to do what YOU want....the heck with tradition.

And what can be more glamorous than walking down the aisle in a red bridal gown.

Definitely not for the ‘shy’ bride.

Red is for the bride that is confident and WANTS attention!! And believe me, she will get it.


7. Bling!

Seriously, who doesn't love some Bling!?

Its very glamorous to shimmer, shine and sparkle. But do it in a classy and feminine way.

The possibilities are endless, from a statement necklace or bracelet, a statement hair comb, or even stunning shoes.

And when in doubt of whether to wear bling or pearls...hey, just combine the two.

Go big or go home!!


8. Go for sultry eyes

Now, those that know me know this is my most favorite makeup look.

Smokey, glamorous eyes, flirty lashes, and a soft, pouty lip.

DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair
DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair
DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair
DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair

 9. Wear sexy lingerie

Even if no one else sees them you’ll know you what sort of sexy underthings you have on, and it will make you feel fabulous all day. Just like wearing perfume, putting on high heels, or doing your makeup, sexy lingerie makes you feel flirty, feel sexy, feel ultra-feminine and that will make you walk and stand with confidence and come across in all your photos.  


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Indraloka Animal Fundraiser

Hello my friends!

I want to share a quick fundraiser with you for an organization I've quickly come to love.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a hidden gem in Pennsylvania that I want you to know about.

It stands true to its namesake and is a 'heaven on earth' for all of its rescued animals.

Most of their animals, like Jeremiah, have overcome great odds to find their peace at Indraloka.

Having met Jeremiah myself, I have to say, such resilience evidently leads to absolute silliness and is a joy to know exists - he is quite the jokester, chasing his chicken friends, and kissing his favorite horse friend through the fence.

IAS is embarking upon a simple fundraiser:

for 1,008 people to each raise a mere $108 (or more, if so inclined).

I've joined the team and am hoping, at the very least, for you to share my fundraiser page with anyone you know who has compassion for our farm animal friends.

DeeVa Beauty has made a donation  and with a few others have met my initial $108. that I committed to but am trying for more.

Ive posted on my FB page that I am willing to offer 'two' lucky brides a discounted bridal rate for her wedding day makeup of which that money will go to the fundraiser.

If you will help me spread the word, and possibly make a small donation if you can.

$1.00 is not to small to send.

Times are tough and money is hard to come by....I know.

But everyone can spare 1.00 to help Gods children.

I'd be thrilled.

And should you find yourself inclined to join the team and raise your own $108. please do so.

Most of all, I want you all to know about this lovely place.

This sanctuary, this team, these people and these animals...they are good and beautiful and full of heart. They are worthy and deserving and I hope you'll follow their progress and find joy in their success and stories.

And for those that live close by take the ride up, especially with your children.grandchildren and spend the day meeting the animals and teaching your children to respect, and have compassion for them.

Thanks so much for your compassion and considering 'any' support.

My beloved Jeremiah  ♥
My beloved Jeremiah  ♥

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Avoid these 8 beauty mistakes on your Wedding Day!


Make sure you start a proper skin care regime several weeks before your day to get your skin in top shape.

This includes eating right, and getting the proper vitamins for your skin.


Not getting enough water will leave you and your skin dehydrated. Water also helps you clean your system so it goes without saying that you skin will look radiant if you flush out all the toxins. And if all that wasn’t enough to make you want to drink….water is essential for losing body fat.


The last thing you want is to see your mascara streaking down your face in all your photographs.


Most are sensitive to getting a facial, especially if you have never had one before. Avoid the red flare-ups that are common by having your last facial at least a week prior to your day.


Too much salt causes fluid retention, not only in your body, but in your eyes and skin. You will wake up with puffy eyes, as with two much alcohol also. If this is the case, put a cold compress on your eyes for 10 minutes, and any eye gel with some caffeine as a main ingredient will also help.


Obviously if you are not familiar with doing your own hair and makeup and your wedding day is the first time you are going to glam it up, you should definitely consult with a professional. Your wedding day is not the time to save $ on the biggest day of your life. Your photos and your memories are forever. Don’t you want to be the most confident and gorgeous?

A professional will help with the right colors, application, and tricks to make it last all day.



As a continuation to # 6…..definitely DO WEAR MAKEUP. Not just your regular everyday makeup. This is your time to ‘GLAM IT UP’ a little…or a lot.

It’s your BIG DAY….be a star.

Walk down the aisle looking and feeling ‘special’. A professional will show you how to be glamorous but still look like YOU!

And if you are not the type to wear false eyelashes or some makeup normally, then please do some practice runs before your big day so you feel confident and comfortable with everything.

This goes for artificial nails as well.


Yes we know you are excited but it is so important for you to not do anything the night before but rest, relax and just dream happy thoughts about how gorgeous you will be, and how happy your new life is going to be.

Shower, listen to soothing music, sip some tea.…(no alcohol remember?), and just relax. Mediation, yoga, poetry, whatever it is that will get you to dose off for a full 8 hours.

All images and content on this site are property of ©DeeVa Beauty, llc

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The focal point of the face is the eyes, and proper eye makeup application will make your eyes pop and leave them stunning.

But you need to understand their shape and where to apply your eye shadow and eyeliner to really bring them out and open them up.

You also need to know which shades of eye shadow and eyeliner will best enhance and intensify your eye color. 

Anyone looking at you should notice your beautiful eyes, not your eye shadow.

Eye Color

The most important thing to remember about choosing eye shadow and eyeliner is your own eye color. You want to select shades that will bring out the natural color of your eyes.

Your goal is to make your eye color "pop" or stand out, not for your eye shadow to compete with or diminish your natural color in any way.

The key is to select a color opposite from your own eye color. 

Whenever you pair two opposite colors, they intensify each other.

The opposite of blue eyes is a warm shade of brown, or tawny or golden shades. 

By using shades of eye shadow or eyeliner that is the opposite of green ....coppery warm browns or purple..... they will make the green in the iris of your eyes look much more green.

If you have brown eyes, lucky you! You can experiment with a variety of colors and still enhance your natural eye color.

So play with purple, green, gold, navy, silver, copper, or brown. 

Any color looks beautiful around brown eyes; you will not be competing with your natural eye color.

Hazel eyes are a mixture of colors, either green and brown or green and blue. 

Depending on which color you want to enhance, choose your eye shadow to bring that color out, and place your eyes in the color category you want to enhance.

When choosing eyeliner, you should follow the same rules as when choosing eye shadow.

In my opinion though, bronze, brown, black, and charcoal will do more for defining your eyes than bright colors and I love an eggplant liner with every eye color as well.

You do not have to match your eye makeup to your clothing, although some women think you should. 

Makeup is an accessory to 'you'.

Makeup is not an accessory to your clothing.

Once again, the theory about opposites complimenting each other applies here.

Choose what looks best on you. 

That way, you will choose shades that will compliment you, instead of taking a back seat to your clothing or eye makeup.

You are trying to achieve two things when applying your eye makeup.

The first is to give your lid shape by visually “pushing away” the areas you don’t want to see and “bringing forward” the areas you do want to see.

Proper application will make your eyes appear more open, so they look awake, and in the end this will make you appear years younger.

The application for all eye shapes is very similar, because you always use the same three key ingredients; you just slightly adjust their placement for each individual eye shape.

It takes three shades to shape the eye: a highlight, a midtone, and a contour shade.

The basic rule to remember is that everything you highlight will visually come forward or become more prominent, and everything you contour or darken will recede or move away from you.

Using three shades creates a subtle visual trick to help bring out one of your most beautiful features and help draw attention to your eyes rather than your eyelids.

While there are thousands of shades to choose from, everyone should use the three-shade application technique for best results.


Your highlight shade is the lightest of the three eye shadows. Everything you highlight

comes forward visually.

A matte finish will give you a more subtle look than a shimmer finish.

The shimmer will be more dramatic.

Also, the lighter the highlight shade is, the more dramatic your end result will be. A softer or more flesh-toned shade will give you a less dramatic look.

The highlight shade should be applied to your brow bone, the area underneath your brow’s arch and your eyelid.

Also apply your highlight shade to the inside corner of the lower lash line.

This will really help open up your eyes, making them appear larger and more youthful.


Your midtone shade is the middle shade of your three eyeshadow colors, deeper than your highlight shade and lighter than your contour shade. It’s the first step in the blending process and in creating definition in the crease of the eye. This shade should be the most natural,  an extension of your skin.

Most of the time it is best for your midtone to have a matte finish, but it does not always have to be matte.

A matte finish gives it a more subtle and natural appearance.

The application of your midtone will start the reshaping of your eyelids, because everything we add depth to will visually recede away from us.

To apply it, start from the outside corner of the eyelid, so that area will get the most

midtone color, because the first place you lay your brush receives the highest concentration of color. Gently move your brush along the crease into the inside corner of the eyelid.

If you want a very defined crease, you can apply a few more layers of your midtone

shade, always making sure to blend it where it meets the highlight shade. 

Then, take your midtone and apply it all along your lower lash line. Once again, start your application from the outside corner, sweeping it across to the inside corner.


The contour shade is the deepest of the three shades. It’s not necessarily stark or dark

but it is the eye shadow that is the deepest color of the three.

Your contour shade does the most dramatic reshaping of your eyelid because of its depth. 

This shade really helps define the eyes.

To apply, take a brush with shadow and move it across your top lash line from the outside corner toward the inside corner. 

You are brushing along your lash line to help create a more blended effect with your eyeliner, which is always more flattering and more youthful.

Then, bring the color up into the outer portion of the crease and blend it inward, about a third or, at most, halfway across. 

Your goal is to create a gradation of color, with the outer corner of the eye being the darkest and becoming lighter as you move in towards the inside of the eyelid, towards your nose. 

By layering your contour shade on top of your midtone shade, you’ll get the blended, defined look you want.

You can also apply the contour color underneath and along the lower lash line to define your eyes.

Blending it over your eye pencil will also help give you a softer, more subtle lined effect.

For a more dramatic eye, you can always apply several layers of color to build the

shade’s intensity. Add color in small amounts.  

If you need to soften your application, simply take a little loose powder and a clean brush, and brush the powder over what you just applied to soften the color.

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When your insides are healthy, your skin looks its best.

Try a healthy diet and supplements with your skin-care regimen.
500-1,000 mg supplements of purified fish oil will keep your skin hydrated and naturally moisturized, and they can also help minimize symptoms of eczema.
The importance of fish oil is widely touted for cardiac health, preventing cancer, improving memory, and keeping our immune systems in check.

Eat a Mediterranean diet full of fish, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and tea. This diet provides the skin with the good omega fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to maintain a healthy glow and reverse sun damage.

Eat foods with antioxidants and good fats such as blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, kale, beans, prunes, raisins, tea, and whole grains and avocados.

Exfoliation is key in order to remove the dead, complexion-dulling skin cells that accumulate on top of your skin. When you exfoliate, you're revealing fresh cells underneath, evening out the skin's surface, and giving it a healthy glow.

Try mixing corn meal with warm water. 
This DIY money-saving mixture can act as a scrub. Use it twice a week.

Exfoliate with a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) product. You don't need both — AHAs are generally best for dry, sun-damaged skin while BHAs are best for acne- or blackhead-prone skin.

You will see increased smoothness, improved skin tone, and fewer wrinkles.

Avoid smoking. The difference in texture, wrinkles, and pigmentation is enormous between smokers and nonsmokers. For every ten years you smoke, your face ages 14 years.

No picking, squeezing, or fussing over your blemishes.

That damage will lead to scarring and more breakouts.

Never go out without SPF 30 on your face, neck, ears, chest, and hands. This will help keep dark spots and premature skin aging under control. If you're driving a long distance, keep applying SPF 30 on your hands, face, and neck. And don't forget that glass doesn't filter UV rays, even in your home or office!

Cleansing your face at the end of the day is a must.
Pollutants, debris, and oils all accumulate on your skin throughout the day, so you need to wash them off.

Sulfates make your cleanser foam, but they strip too much of your skin's sebum away, leaving you feeling dry, flaky, and even itchy. Look for sulfate-free formulas of body washes and face cleansers and check the ingredient labels — sodium lauryl sulfate is the biggest culprit, but any ingredient in which the last word is 'sulfate' is best avoided.

As the thinnest skin on the body, the eyelids tend to be very sensitive.

Most people often neglect their lips.

Here's a simple homemade scrub recipe that's effective to get plump, smooth, kissable lips: Take some white sugar, mix some olive oil, and scrub your lips.

Also, get into the habit of running your toothbrush across your lips in a gentle scrubbing motion to exfoliate.

The body depends on sleep for every single thing it does. Skin cells are some of the most rapidly rejuvenating cells in the body and our body repairs itself at night while we sleep.

When skin cells don't turn over quickly enough, our skin looks dull and lifeless, and so do we.

Try to sleep on your back. Doing so prevents wrinkles.

Your skin needs its daily dose of water, which is more than your intake of H20.
Sodium hyaluronate, more commonly known as hyaluronic acid, helps balance your skin, bringing it to a normal pH level. Balanced skin is ideal for all healthy skin functions.
When this ingredient is used in cosmetic formulations at a high concentration (check the ingredients list and make sure it is somewhere in the middle or toward the top of the list), it will leave your skin plump and 'dewy' looking.

Apply facial serums or lotions to the back of your hands and then "roll" the back of your hands up your neck. Now you've treated your neck and hands at the same time.

These are the two telltale areas often forgotten that show signs of aging.

As soon as the weather turns cold, put ordinary honey, (a natural ‘humectant’) on the back of your hands for 3-6 days or nights. This stops red, scaly, bleeding hands from starting and keeps them smooth all winter. Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are natural moisturizers.

Wet (but don't drain) caffeinated tea bags and freeze. Use the frozen tea bags on closed eyes for 20 minutes three times a week to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and discoloration. Tea bags can be any brand but MUST have caffeine, which does the work.

Take biotin every day. It helps keep your nails harder and thicker since they tend to thin and peel with age.

Wash your makeup brushes often and change your sponges frequently as bacteria love to live in them.

You don’t want to apply fresh makeup with a brush filled with old makeup as it can retain bacteria and cause breakouts.

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How to Apply Make-Up for a Job Interview

Whether you are looking for a new job, or just a promotion, your makeup can make the difference between your getting the job or not. Your personal grooming should communicate reliability, competence and professionalism as you prepare for a job interview.

Overall, the key is to understand the importance of first impressions.
More importantly, when you feel confident about your appearance you'll be able to focus on presenting your qualifications and experience.

Makeup for a job interview should be light, natural and sophisticated.  It should only accentuate your natural beauty.  If you look in the mirror and all you see is your makeup, it is too heavy and most likely you just need to rethink your color choices.
You don't want to apply the same make-up you would wear for a night on the town as for an interview.


Makeup: Less is more, stick to soft, muted colors and don't overdo it.


  • Give yourself extra time. If you take10 minutes to get ready in the morning, allow yourself 20.
  • The night before your interview, exfoliate face and lips by gently rubbing with some salt and olive/coconut oil. After, rub some coconut oil into your lips and top with some Vaseline. 
  • Get rid of any errant eyebrow hair or chin hair with the help of a good pair of tweezers.
  • For your face, you probably won't need much more than concealer and loose powder. If you have blemishes or uneven skin tone, by all means, use a foundation. Apply foundation with a damp sponge squeezed in a paper towel of excess moisture. This will assure a very light, sheer coverage and not too heavy.
  • Avoid too much eye makeup. Use eye shadows in neutral shades such as tan, taupe, brown, soft plums, grey and cream. You need to look competent and capable, not sultry or sexy.
  • A thin line of smudged pencil eyeliner is really all you need on top lashes.
    Skip the liquid liner; even if you can apply it like a pro, it’s too much for an interview. 

    A thin coating of mascara will complete the look leaving your eyes naturally beautiful and not appearing heavily made up. After applying mascara on your eyelashes, comb through them to remove any clumps.
  • The use of a soft pink blush, lightly applied on the apples of your cheeks will give your face a fresh, muted look. Use this rather than bronzer for a natural looking, healthy glow.
  • Wear lipstick, not lip gloss.  Keep your lip color as neutral as possible – a shade or two closer to your natural lip color will work well, or try a very pale berry or pink color, and skip the lip gloss.
  • Avoid wearing any makeup comprising of glitter, shimmer or sparkle.


Hair:  Keep it simple

  • If you can, wash and dry your hair the night before the interview. By getting that out of the way you'll save time in the morning
  • If your hair is long, consider pulling it back in a ponytail. This way you won't be tempted to absentmindedly fiddle with it.
  • Even if you don't use hair spray every day, a light dusting of it will keep flyways at bay.
  • Skip the flashy hair accessories.
  • Keep your hair out of your face at all costs. Long bangs falling into your eyes are sexy for a date, but they won't project a professional image. If you need to get them out of your face, use a simple barrette or bobby pin.

Nails: Unless you have naturally clean, even, hangnail-free nails get a manicure.


  • It doesn't matter whether your nails are long or short, but they should be neatly filed.
  • A neutral nail is fool-proof, so look for barely-there beige and pink polishes. Classic red can work, too, but use your judgment: It'll probably fit in at an ad agency, but not at a conservative law firm.


Fragrance:  Don't wear any. Your interviewer might have an allergy.

Or what if it turns out to be the one scent she doesn’t like.


 One might perspire more than usual during an interview due to the added stress, so it is important to keep blotting tissues handy at all times. 

Also, keep in mind the fluorescent lighting can have a drastic effect on the makeup, particularly that with orange and green tones. It is advisable to use colors in rose and pink families to combat this effect.

Get to interview a few minutes early to touch up in the restroom or a nearby cafe, to check for perspiration, lipstick on the teeth, crumbs around the mouth, and anything around your nose.

Remember to hold your shoulders back and walk tall. 
Be confident and enjoy the experience.

Finally, SMILE. All of the primping and grooming doesn't mean a thing if you aren't excited to be there. Good luck!

Need help??  DEEVA BEAUTY offers personal and private one-on-one makeup lessons. 

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I am very organized and am always every few months going through all my drawers and closet to see what I can get rid of and what I can give to charity.
You don’t have to be anal about cleaning like me…but you should do some Spring Cleaning with your makeup.

Come on ladies, we all have drawers and drawers full of stuff we just collect and haven’t used in …well…forever.

So let's talk makeup! It is the perfect time for you to get your drawer, bag, or cabinet in order. 

The first and most important part is cleaning out-of-date products and items you never use.

If you haven't used it in a year, it should go!

Makeup does have expiration dates!!

Here they are:


Concealer: 12 months
Powder:  2 years
Eyeliner: 2 years
Eye shadow (powder): 3 years
Foundation: 18 months
Lip liner: 3 years
Lipstick and lip gloss: 2 years
Mascara: 3 months


*Remember these dates are based on the fact that the products are kept in a temperature controlled environment.Never keep your makeup in a moist humid or hot environment....get them OUT of the bathroom. And if it smells bad...get rid of it.

The best part is, now that you have cleaned out, it's the perfect time to go out and buy some new makeup to refresh your look, and if you aren’t sure…book a makeup lesson with me!!! 

All images and content on this site are property of ©DeeVa Beauty, llc
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