Well first of all does it REALLY cost so much??

When you stop to actually think about what you are getting for the cost …it doesn’t.

The question isn’t “Can I afford to have my makeup professionally done?”

It is “Can I afford NOT to have my makeup professionally done?” 

If you don’t think makeup and hair is that big a deal then just go ahead and hire an unprofessional and stay up all night the night before your big day wondering if they will actually show up.

Many nonprofessionals don’t even have contracts with you so they can at the last minute take another job that is larger which means more money for them leaving you to now panic and be desperate to find a replacement.

I've had many a bride call me at the last minute in panic mode because her ‘cheap’ Craigslist makeup artist bailed on her.

Think about the money you spend going to a cheap makeup artist and having a bad experience and then having to start from scratch again looking for a GOOD makeup artist and having to now pay for another trial…when you could have and should have just gone with a ‘professional’ in the first place.


So let’s break it down some more and see what you really get that costs so much.


Well for one thing, you get the luxury of not having to leave your home or hotel room day of to travel to a store counter in front of everyone to be rushed and get your makeup done.

A professional packs up all her products and travels to you day of and you get to relax in your pajamas with your maids sipping mimosas. Many of us travel not only with our big heavy kits, but bring the chair, lighting and sometimes even a fold up table directly to you for your comfort and convenience…and then we stand for hours sometimes as many as 6 straight hours without a break or sitting down for 5 minutes.

It is your one day to feel pampered and like a star.

Imagine Kim K or Beyoncé doing their own makeup and hair for the Oscars…not going to happen.

Imagine Kim K or Beyoncé looking for a makeup or hairstylist on Craigslist…not going to happen.

Celebrities KNOW the value of good ‘quality makeup and hair people.



You are paying for the training classes that we take to keep informed and up to date.

You are paying for our knowledge of what products to use that are camera friendly and which to avoid.

You are paying us to know appropriate makeup for all age groups, different skin types and skin conditions, and which products are appropriate for both.

You are paying us for the different ‘techniques’ that we have mastered in order to ensure your makeup lasts ALL DAY!!

You are paying us to bring to life your ‘vision’ of how you want to look and feel on your day!!

You are paying for us to know about proper sanitary conditions.

Do you think a $50.00 makeup artist cares about proper sanitary conditions?



The cost of our professional grade products and brushes in our kits are in the thousands of dollars...and even with pro discounts they still are very expensive.

Do you think a $50.00 makeup artist invests in high end product in her kit?


We don’t back out. WE SHOW UP!!

We take your wedding day seriously, and provide you with the best in a ‘luxury’ service.

I know ‘PRO’ makeup artists’ that have missed family reunions, holidays, even wakes and funerals not to let down a bride.

I personally lost my husband of 28 years unexpectedly which left me devastated and depressed, BUT two weeks after his passing I crawled out of bed, picked myself up, and put my ‘happy face’ on and showed up for my bride and her party.

We give up all of our summer weekend days to provide you services to make your day FABULOUS.

We do it happily because we LOVE what we do…but still we have to price accordingly, and I’m happy to be part of an industry, part of a group of professionals who care, truly care, for their brides.



As freelance makeup artist’s we set our prices to reflect many things including to account for time spent with you. The amount of time spent with emails, telephone calls, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Keeping our products and kits cleaned and well stocked. All of these take time out of our working day and need to be factored into the cost. We must cover all the expenses associated with being self-employed. There are Insurance costs, products costs, advertising costs, website update costs; and we have to pay taxes too just like everyone else.

We are 'freelance’ and freelance rates are higher because our jobs are short-term and don’t offer any benefits.

And as bridal makeup artists our work is only 'seasonal’ which means we only work for half of the year.

This is how we make our living to pay for rent, food, electricity, etc.

This is our ‘business’. This isn’t a hobby.


And last but not least:


The confidence and peace of mind that your makeup artist and hair stylist will be showing up to make you beautiful.

When a woman looks in the mirror, a tear comes into her eye and she says:

“OMG, I didn’t know I could look like this”.

You can NOT put a price on that!

You cannot put a price on confidence and peace of mind.

I love what I do and it is what I bring to the world.

And this doesn’t just apply to brides…it is for all women that desire to look the very best they can whether it is for a wedding or any other special event, and to move on into the world with confidence and joy.

You have to look at the bigger picture here and not just focus on dollar amounts.

You invest so much time and money and effort to get the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect photographer that will see your ‘vision’ for your day.

And then you want to ruin it all by hiring someone based on saving yourself …what??

$30.00? $50.00?, $100.00?    Seriously??

It’s funny how some brides will spend more on their shoes that will never be seen under their dress but will squawk over spending on their hair and makeup that will be seen in EVERY photo.

This is an investment…and investment in YOU.

Look, the truth is the market is flooded with FAKE UP artists and U TUBE experts.

Anyone can buy some brushes and some MAC makeup and now call themselves a makeup artist and post U TUBE tutorials.

You wouldn’t hire just anyone for a medical issue or if you were in need of a lawyer, plumber, or mechanic.

You wouldn’t put yourself in the hands of an amateur…so why do you do it for your wedding day and wedding pictures that are lasting you a lifetime??

Anything, A N YT H I N G in this world that is in high demand and requires skill and comes with years of experience and a high degree of integrity and professionalism will cost money.

If you find a makeup artist that is in high demand, you can usually expect her rates to reflect this.

Between the Wedding Blogs that are trying to sell advertisements, and the amateurs who are just trying to make a quick buck, they are both bringing the wedding industry down.

The wedding Blogs are full of info and tips that brides read...overwhelming you with info.

But not all of is accurate information.

The wedding Blogs are not fully doing their job.

They don’t tell you about accurately calculating into your budget hair and makeup right from the start.

And many brides unfortunately end up spending all their budget upfront on venue, dress, and photographer not at all thinking about makeup and hair until just a couple months before their day only to have no money left so they go looking for the cheapest one they can find.

Hey, it’s just makeup right??


By the way, ever shop for a cheap mechanic or plumber??

I’m sure you wished you just went with a 'pro' from the get go.

There is a reason why people say:

“You get what you pay for”.

“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.”

“If it’s too good to be true it probably is”.

Please remember, this is a ‘luxury’ service offering you convenience and peace of mind.

No matter how perfect your dress, your venue, your flowers, or even the weather, IF YOU don’t feel you look gorgeous, it will ruin your day.

Your expensive photos will be lasting you a lifetime.  You want to look and feel your best.

Whether you choose DeeVa Beauty or another, please make sure you hire ‘professionals’!!!

Read a testimonial from one of my brides.

"I started my search for a makeup artist by going to Craigslist since the price was unbeatable and the overall price of our wedding just kept on creeping up and I was trying to save wherever possible___that was a nightmare! After that trial I realized that I couldn't skimp on a makeup artist since my tight budget would be a temporary situation but my pictures would last a lifetime.

Thankfully I found Deirdre and she was amazing! She took the time to understand my skin needs, my personality, and to know my comfort level. She also did my wedding party (8 people + bride)

Her work ethic is incredible and I definitely plan on being a repeat customer.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional makeup services."

~Gisselle P.  2/15/14

What do you really get when you hire a professional makeup artist?

You get to have a good night’s sleep before the most important day of your life.

And you can’t put a dollar amount on THAT!!


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