THE BOMBSHELL...are you one???


What can I say…I love The Bombshell.

I grew up admiring them. It’s just my personality. 

What is a 'bombshell' exactly??

Well you might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with how tall you are or the size of your thighs or breasts, etc

Being a bombshell is a state of mind. Its an 'attitude'!!
Its thoroughly enjoying being a female, appreciating what God gave you...and more importantly ....knowing how to 'use it'.

Now, it might be a little different for everyone. I think there are different degrees of Bombshell and you find your comfort level…and maybe perhaps grow into FULL BLOWN BOMBSHELL.


Just think Marilyn, Jane, Ava, Lana, Rita, Liz, Sophia, Bridgette, or Ann-Margaret to name a few from the Old Hollywood days.

Sadly, names that the younger generation today just doesn't know because class has been replaced with trash.

There are no true bombshells in this day and age other than Pamela and Deeta.

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But lets look at what makes up a bombshell.

Think tight sweaters and 4“ stilettos and a gal that is comfortable with a little wiggle and sashay in her step.

A bombshell doesn’t care if a man is going to see the top of her nylons or garter belt....yes, true bombshells know the power of the nylons and garter belts.... and there is a good chance that he will as she is getting in and out of a cab, and she actually knows he is looking and she enjoys it.



A bombshell thoroughly enjoys teasing the boys, lol

Make no mistake bombshells are NOT cheap, trashy or dumb, though at times they might prefer to ‘act’ dumb if it amuses them and is to their advantage.

Bombshells are also NOT ‘golddiggers’ and don’t use people.

If anything, a ‘true’ bombshell is caring, kind and compassionate in nature.

I want to stress and make women understand that you can be a bombshell and still be smart, independent, powerful and totally in control of your life, and am an advocate for all three.

But when a bombshell enters a room, everyone looks.
When a bombshell exits the room, everyone looks.

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A bombshell has excellent posture.

She radiates confidence and behaves as if all life is a movie and she is the star. 

What does a bombshell wear?

Well  first of all, a Bombshell never puts her arms through her coat sleeves and they are always just thrown over her shoulders.

bombshell clothes nj.jpg

She knows gloves are elegant and feminine.

sexy makeup.jpg

She prefers leopard, pink, all black, or black/champagne or black/pink colors combos.

Dangling earrings, charm bracelets, brooches, ankle bracelet, toe rings, and cocktail rings….big, big cocktail rings.

bombshell brooches.jpg

Birdcage veils, sequins, rhinestones…you can never have too much ‘bling’!

And no self-respecting bombshell would not have pearls in her jewelry box.

She adores Pearls.

Lots and lots of pearls

Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon
Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon

Cashmere and Silk are her preferred fabrics.

She appreciates quality.

bombshell lingerie.jpg

Bombshells love scarfs.



Chiffon or silk worn on the head and wrapped and tied in back around her neck driving in a convertible with the top down.

Tossed around her neck so it floats down her back, or covering her shoulders as a wrap.



A bombshell would never call it a pocket book.

It is always a handbag and is always dangling off of her bent forearm, never a shoulder bag.

A bombshell would never wear underpants.

She wears ‘panties’ …or perhaps nothing at all.

A bombshell knows how to cross and uncross her legs seductively and with poise.

deevabeauty makeup.jpg

A bombshell is willing to overcome a little discomfort for a nude leg on a cold day.

She doesn’t complain that her feet hurt in her 4 “heels.

She puts glamour before comfort. 

A peek-a-boo sandal will be the first choice of a bombshell, even in the coldest of weather.

nj makeup artists.jpg

The look and effect she accomplishes with open toes and sandals are worth the discomfort.

Pumps must show toe cleavage and have a high stiletto heel…and always have a pointed toe.

sexy shoes in nj.jpg

Bombshells are always kicking off their shoes or at the very least teasing the boys with a little dangling.

Oh, she gets such pleasure in teasing the boys.


Bombshell hair is loose, bouncy or long layered and always disheveled.

However she styles it a true bombshell knows how to flirt seductively with her hair coyly covering one eye.

Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon
Hair and makeup: Deirdre Mahon

Bombshells love lipstick and gloss and prefer pinks, reds and nudes.

And she enjoys to seductively put her lipstick on while her man watches.

Eyeliner, false lashes, and mascara are a must.

Bombshells nails and feet are always maintained and groomed…and toes are always painted Cadillac Red or some bright feminine color.

She always wears perfume even when alone for her own pleasure…and it is ALWAYS perfume, never cologne.

bombshell makeup.jpg

Bombshells love glamour, chandeliers, bubble baths; and satin and silk is always in a bombshells bedroom.

 And she ALWAYS Rescues!!!....ADOPT. DON'T SHOP!!

And she ALWAYS Rescues!!!....ADOPT. DON'T SHOP!!

She always has champagne chilling in the fridge.

And no occasion is too small.

In fact, no occasion is necessary; champagne goes with anything from potato chips to pizza.

champagne nj.jpg

But the bombshell also loves Martinis, and loves it ‘dirty’!!…..a dirty martini that is.

She adores fine wines, leisurely dinners, and adores fine chocolates.

She is flirtatious and loves to laugh, but old movies and sad stories really get to her.

She empathizes with anything helpless and is particularly drawn to the broken and abandoned. She is emphatic to others and she will always defend the underdog.

In spite of her outgoing and cheerful personality she is vulnerable, deeply sensitive, and easily wounded.

At her best she is the center of attention and will stand where the light is the most flattering.

She expects roses and flattery and gifts...... but only from a man that sincerely wants to give her these things.

Independent, she knows she can always pay the check and doesn’t need a man to do so, but would NEVER pick up the check when with a gentleman, unless she values his friendship and a true ‘bond’ has been formed and she would like to do something nice back.

She is not jealous or malicious and is the kind of woman that likes and wants to get along with other females; and will happily share her beauty secrets or the name of her perfume.

She loves handwritten notes and will scent them with her perfume.

bambshells in nj.jpg

She loves room sprays, scented oils, scented candles, mood lightening and pillows and throws are everywhere

She is often the life of the party, she loves to laugh, have fun and flirt.

She is also gracious and generous.

Deep down I believe we all have a little ‘bombshell’ in all of us…..and long for it to come out.

What I love to do is bring that ‘inner bombshell’ out in women.

Let me help you find your inner bombshell. 

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From the Book ...The Bombshell Manuel