LimeLife by Alcone!! Organic, Cruelty-Free and Made in the USA!!

I’m so excited to tell you all that I am teaming up with LimeLife by Alcone and proud and happy to be a part of this family.

And family it is…not only a family owned business, but I am part of a family that believes in compassion, health, integrity, and collaboration…. over compensation.

I personally have been using the skincare products on myself for a year now, and have used the makeup products testing their quality and durability before going public to offer to my clients.
I can honestly say I LOVE the products and the philosophy behind them.  

Who and what is LimeLife by Alcone??
OK, good question and so glad you asked.

Well first things first.
Who is Alcone?

About Alcone

Alcone started in 1952 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to all the Broadway showgirls in the NYC theatre district.


Eventually word got out about the little store and Alcone continued to grow its professional customer base. It eventually becomes THE GO-TO store for almost every Broadway show and New York-based production.

Then a French cosmetic line called Visiora asked Alcone to become the exclusive distributor in the U.S. and within a few years, this foundation becomes the standard for use in High Definition Film and Television on celebrities and soon Alcone finds its way into the mainstream through magazine mentions.


This is how I heard of Alcone back in the 90’s, and to this day Alcone is known by the PRO makeup community because Alcone carries only TOP of the line cosmetics from the BEST manufactures around the world and have been tested by pro makeup artists for years.
Alcone knows makeup…PERIOD!!!

Now, it was THE place for makeup artist but these products weren’t available to the ‘everyday’ women so many makeup artists would refer their friends and clients to go to the famous NYC midtown store so they could take advantage of the BEST products out there.


The Milardi family, who owns Alcone, was so grateful that the pro makeup community was helping in their success that they wanted to do something for them to ‘give back’ and help them also be successful.

So, they created a line of cosmetics working with the worlds TOP makeup manufactures…the BEST OF THE BEST… the best ingredients and had to be cruelty free.

Enter…LimeLife by Alcone!!

Now, around this same time, the Milardi’s lost two close family members to cancer and this is what inspired Michele Milardi to research and team up with an organic chemist.
She was committed to non-toxic skincare.
It took two years but finally in 2015 LimeLife offered a luxury skincare line that is completely organic, chemical free and again, cruelty free.

And did I mention it is also made in the USA!!!


Why is chemical-free important?
Well, i
t takes less than a minute for chemicals and toxins from skincare products to enter your bloodstream...not good.

Why is cruelty-free important?
For decades and decades, animals have been used in laboratories for research and testing…cruel, evil, and painful testing just so you can use your laundry detergents, body lotions, and mascaras.

LimeLife by Alcone is Leaping Bunny certified


The Leaping Bunny Program, developed by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), is a voluntary pledge that companies make to not test on animals during any stage of the product development.
Companies also must have their ingredient suppliers make the same pledge.
This gives us, the consumers, a product guaranteed to be free of animal testing.
This means that a company doesn’t conduct testing, doesn’t contract testing out to a third party, doesn’t purchase ingredients that were tested and doesn’t sell in a country that requires animal testing. A company that receives Leaping Bunny Certification is required to recommit annually.

Why is made in the USA important?
Um, I think your smart enough to figure that one out and why its important.

So, to sum it all up, LimeLife by Alcone offers you a top, quality, product, that is non-toxic, natural, long lasting, made in the USA, and doesn’t harm animals in the process.
ALL requirements I would look for in products to purchase for myself, as well as to offer to my clients.


LimeLife has also started a foundation called Brighter Together. 
The foundation will be working in 4 countries to help train women on starting their own businesses. 
Not throwing money at them, but teaching them how to start a company and change the lives of their families and their communities.  

I am so happy that I am a part of this company and to share with you all that I believe in also.

And if all this wasn’t reason enough to be interested in our products …. did I mention that Kim Kardashians makeup artists, Mario Dodonovich uses our products on KK? 

Its true!!!

Want to see the FULL line and learn more? Click on the tab on my website....SHOP LIMELIFE

Want to try the products?…lets chat. I would love to show you the line, just reach out to me!!

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