Makeover Lessons and Parties

Watch and Learn!!!

Take a lesson from me, darling....

The great muses and vixens throughout history spent time mastering their ability to apply makeup to up their appeal.

Without makeup, in fact, they were often plain Janes.

But when their features were properly accentuated,

they transformed from fair to femme fatale.

You see, darling, knowing how to do your own makeup - the right way - is like holding the key to your own feminine mystique.

Makeup can make you feel more...

Confident, Flirtatious, Sexy, Capable, Optimistic, Proud, Irresistible, Ambitious, Adventurous

  • College Graduate? need to upgrade your look to professional and grown up!!!
  • Boss Babe/CEO?..... you need to put your confident face forward!!!
  • Divorced or Widowed and looking to get back 'out there'?.... you need to look more youthful and fresh!!!

Which sounds best to you?


Private Pampering Lesson

In Person

Learn in private, one on one with me in my home studio.
Together, we’ll explore how to accentuate your best features and coax your inner Deeva to step into the spotlight. I’ll go over each and every part of the makeup application process, demonstrating and letting you practice. You can ask questions and get a good understanding of how each step works. You’ll walk away feeling confident with both a day and into the night makeup application that you can whip out anytime you want to inspire and devastate.

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Virtual Vixen Session

Online Session

Feeling lost in the world of makeup? Need to sit down with a makeup expert and talk brushes, blushes, and eye shadow technique? The Virtual Vixen Session is for the budding beauty who wants to skip the research and put together her makeup palette with an expert.
I’ll walk you through the best prep for your skin type, foundation, color choices, brushes, where to save and where to splurge.
This hour is a great way to DIY with a professional eye.

Makeup Parties - north NJ.jpg

Queen Bee Makeover Lounge

Small Group Home Parties

Don’t keep stunning beauty all to yourself. Invite your girlfriends over for an evening of makeup artistry and fun at your place.
As the host, you’ll be Queen Bee, the one who gets a total makeover.
Your girlfriends will watch, ask questions, and learn right along with you, and receive a special offer to be their own Queen Bee. 
Learn to accentuate your beauty at a level once reserved for movie stars.
Set out some munchies and bubbly, put on some music and let the party begin!!!!

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Whichever option you decide on you will learn:

  • Learn proper skincare and exfoliation
  • How to prep your skin and choose the right foundation
  • How to properly apply concealer
  • How to properly apply blush/bronzer
  • How to contour and highlight
  • How to properly apply eye shadow/smokey eye
  • How to choose colors that complement your skin tone.
  • How to 'set' your makeup and make it last all day
  • How to quickly go from day to evening look
  • Which products to keep or toss/ expiration of products
  • How to use makeup brushes and clean your brushes

Ready to look your best?

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